Jun 24, 2005

A Telugu poem on "India Dream"

Actual year of post: 2015

This is a Telugu poem that i wrote sometime in 2005, hence tagging it to that year. I have written only a handful of poems, that too many years ago and this one thankfully remains in a digital archive.

I was living in Milwaukee, US then and had made a trip to India in the spring of 2005. I was awash with nostalgia for India and penned this when that trip ended.

I had always struggled with my stints in the US - the work and life i enjoyed there, and this feeling of rootedness I had about living in India. That is one reason why I continued to work for an Indian IT major despite lucrative job offers from the Valley early on. I liked the flexibility and the relative ease with which one could return to India easily. Having the same employer in India and abroad facilitated that.

"Relative ease" is anyway a phrase; when in 2006 (in continuation with the emotions depicted below) i decided to move back for good, it was not that easy. In fact it was tough. I had to plead with my bosses to let me go back, forgoing a much coveted promotion. After coming back, I had to wait patiently for that Hyderabad transfer. I had to serve my time in an interim assignment at another location. Finally it did happen as my bosses were very flexible and cooperative. I thoroughly enjoyed the next few years, starting a new delivery unit there and growing it. The relationships i had previously, continued to grow there, as the folks came and joined us. They continue even to this day though the stage has changed a few times!

Here goes the poem:

india dream india kala