Nov 27, 2006

Pranayama Rocks

Last Saturday I got initiated into Pranayama once again after a long gap. Swami Ramdev the increasingly popular guru of Yoga, and champion of the ways it can improve the health of the nation, had his influence on me too.

It is wonderful what Pranayama does to you. Did it last evening for 10-15 minutes and again this morning for same duration. Evenwhile doing it I experienced serenity, felt my breath well after a long time and had a feeling of contentment: "This is enough. I am good as I am as of now." Such a feeling of contentment is only possible when the flow of oxygen is optimal to the brain and the lungs. I also noticed that the lalajalam (saliva) in the mouth created a nice slightly tingling taste in the mouth. It was not unlike the taste I get when the body gets ready to take a short catnap which soothens the mind and lulls it to sleep. In fact the Pranayama last evening must have helped me sleep well inspite of the banging lift sounds, furniture movement noises right next to the hotel room I am staying here in Pune.

What a great feeling and a way to start and end your day!

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