Dec 7, 2006

Dhoom2 - "Bollywood OR Bodywood"

Shekhar Kapur, eminent Film Director in his blog says this about Dhoom2..
"It's the only film in London other than Casino Royal that is consistently 'house full'. The film is a lot of fun in a charmingly silly way. But I think it is time to change the name 'Bollywood' to 'Bodywood'".

NY Times too recently had a review in its Arts section on Dhoom2. The movie was also in the US Top 20 list for that week having been shown in 63 theaters. Goes to show how much Bollywood has gone global, catering to the desi audiences abroad as well as the local audiences there. In the past years, Amitabh Bachchan was a big hit world over, especially in Egypt and before him Raj Kapoor in Russia. The trend definitely now is that of Bollywood corporates crafting movies that cater to a decidedly global audience.

We paid Rs 300 flat for two tickets for Dhoom2 without a second thought at Pune's e-Square multiplex. Compared to that Sangeet Theatre at Hyderabad still sells for Rs 35 (black trading would go upto max Rs 100), no dynamic-pricing there.

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