Jun 29, 2007

Why Do I Blog

I guess the title should rather read 'When Do I Blog?'. Of late my frequency of blogging has reduced and a blog without regular posts goes dry as garden without water.

I have often quizzed myself on what makes me blog? The fact that many readers open the posts and read them is exciting; but it is not just for recognition that I blog (a blog like this doesn't get too many readers anyway). Neither am I claiming a thought leadership space in my area of profession.

Then what is it? I guess it is pure venting i.e, whenever something bothers me too much or excites me, I pick up the key board and start typing. Such moments regularly happen; the challenge is to get straight to the key board. Also when I start writing about a topic I am passionate about, it engenders introspection (forcing me to clarify things to myself), and makes me a bit more humble since whatever I write is for the sake of it and not because huge numbers are are reading it. Seth Godin clearly articulates this as Respect and Clarity (link below).

The other major trigger is that the blog gives me a sense of identity apart from what I do for a living. That in itself is liberating!

Seth's Blog: If no one reads your post, does it exist?


Anonymous said...

Off late I have been wondering why should one blog. Venting out ones thoughts...I like the idea!!

Ram said...

Yes, venting ideas is what it is! I am now keeping a list of topics to blog on my phone. Also I use the phone to write a blurb on the blog to instantly post it; can always come back and edit it at leirus.re