Jul 4, 2007

Indian Traffic Flows Smooth On US Holiday

The traffic at Hyderabad is usually bad and a journey of about five kilometers from Mehdipatnam to Liberty takes about 20-25 minutes. However today the traffic flowed very smoothly and the distance took half the usual time.

The reason was not too difficult to discover; today is a holiday in the US on and consequently most of the BPO offices had a holiday. Most of the IT folks also would have left office early with no late evening teleconferences holding them back. As a result there was far less cacophony on the roads, the BPO cab drivers all had a day off leaving the roads less of a battle field, and traffic in general flowed smoothly.

We should encourage the US to declare more holidays in the interest of more peace on the Indian roads.

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Sleeksun said...

Hi wld u know ppel who have faced harassment from cabbies of BPOs..am doing a story for a news channel and need to get sm case studies..of course confidentiality assureed...cunilap@gmail.com