Dec 9, 2007

The Running Bug

Things kind of cooled down after the recent 10k I completed. However couple of days back I was in Mumbai and saw a banner for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. That planted a seed in my mind which kept growing and this morning I was flush with excitement at the prospect of going to Mumbai again on Jan 20 (about 6 weeks from now) to run my first half marathon. After checking a few websites about training schedules, I figured that I need at least 10-12 weeks of training before the attempt. That cooled down the enthu but then I saw several other cities hosting running events in India. I am now looking forward to the Chennai Marathon whose date is yet to be announced.

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Paresh Mishra said...

Congrats Ram on your first 10K! Nice to know that the running bug has caught you too. My youngest sister who is in Hyderabad ran the 10K too. It was also her first one.
All the best for your half-marathon. Keep running and keep writing.