Apr 26, 2009

Biking now

After months of poking with the idea of buying a bike, i finally took the plunge last month and bought a Firefox Target, my first ever geared bicycle. The motives were many - get some exercise, make an eco friendly gesture, do something other than the plain old running that i fall back to, explore nature (atleast the green university campuses and cantonments in the twin cities), go on some long rides, splurge on myself (which I am not that good at) etc. The beautiful beast (no oxymoron) looks something like this:

I am well over the post purchase dissonance phase which thankfully was short. There are pricier and fancier bikes, but this is just what i need now. I did one brief lap in wilderness hidden within the Hyderabad Central University (HCU) campus (under the watchful eyes of HBC ace Sunil Menon), and several short road trips closer home.

I love the smooth ride of a bike, the almost noiseless way in which it rides the road. Cruising on the bike is next to the feel of a bird gliding! I plan to tweet about my bike escapades in the coming days. A distant but highly ambitious wish would be to complete the TFN this December.


The gazer said...

Hey that's great to know. How much did that bike cost you? I'm planning to buy one here in Bangalore as well and could use that information :-)

Ram Medury said...

The bike cost around Rs 12k and some additional accessories will cost another 1-2k. You can check out www.bumsonthesaddle.com, a bunch of pro guys OR at a firefox station - there is one opposite Forum Mall near Koramangala. Bangalore is fairly well established in the traditions of biking!
Happy biking.