May 1, 2012

Whats the right distance?

All right, lets admit. Twitter has almost killed writing anything more than 140 characters. The blog that i used to tend to quite often, until couple of years ago has fallen somewhat silent. But what if i wish to say something in more than 140 characters or pithy sentences on facebook? Hence the revival of this blog with this post!

Extend the metaphor, what is the right distance to go? Right size for anything? Rightsize is actually a verb now, and it depends on what ones appetite is and more importantly how much one can endure. When i picked up running in the US, the right distance for me was a 5k. Later in Hyderabad i redefined it to 21.1 km. I am fairly clear that i do not wish to move up to the 42.2 km league - not that it is not possible, but at this stage i feel it is not worth the effort. The same question applied when i moved cities last year. How long does one persevere in overcoming the inevitable initial teething pains?

An idea that is quite liberating and thereby helping one stay the course, is to define the distance or time frame upfront - set expectations with oneself and dont give up so easily. This could apply to a diet, a running regimen, job, a career etc.The following was a tweet few days ago as i was pondering this:

The funny problem with the mindset of a long distance runner is that when you face trouble, you run deeper into it.
  Nice way to end a blog post, by quoting a tweet!


Rambabu Kaipa said...

People are capable of stretching beyond their limits when they face adversity. We are tied down to our own imaginary chains. Children are more agile than elders due to obvious reasons. If you can expose children to breaking their boundaries, they will have easier adulthood.

Your running/cycling passion is amazing. You have also moved beyond the comfort zone of parent company. BTW, please check if you have not done so far.. Take care

Ram Medury said...

Very true about the stretch element. I seem to have a habit of running away from comfort zones as well!

and quirky is good!

Nandha said...

What is the right distance? Depends on where i want to go. If mine is a moving target, how do I fix the right distance? If there are many hurdles i did not factor in while fixing the right distance...It is highly relative. Somehow after reading this blog, i tend to remember Richard Bach's Seagull and the way Hanuman Chased the sun thinking it was a big fruit...

Ram Medury said...

If you are tangled up, just tango on! (Al Pacino)