Feb 25, 2007

WB - Welcome Back for West Bengal?

Gurucharan Das writes well on the heroic efforts Buddhadeb, CM of West Bengal to get the re-industrailisation initiative going. This is a state that once led the country intellectually - Gokhale once said, "What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow". But now it has unfortunately gotten into the ruts of de-industrialisation following decades of communist rule. Singur the battleground site where Tata Motors is building its new small-car factory, inspite of vehement and violent protests by the opposition political parties, will decide the future of this mother-of-all turn-arounds. The opposition perhaps correctly fears that if they could not win an election inspite of two decades of poverty all around, what will their fate be if some prosperity actually begins to happen!

Let us hope Buddah-da succeeds for the greater good of Bengal and India. Making up a new Chinese saying here - Nothing succeeds like a reformed communist!

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