Mar 17, 2007

Geni For Your Family Tree

Last week I wrote about the 10x factor in the price to cost ratio for service bluechips. Now a different 10x struck more, one much more exciting: Geni an internet startup that raised $10m of venture capital in late-February was able to take it itself to a $100m valuation. Obviously some seed and angel money went in before that $10m but what an amazing rise!

That prompted me to go to Geni and play with it - I found it really cool. I have been searching for a good Family Tree software for some time and Geni seems the perfect fit. The usability of the site is a real 'wow' factor. Any Internet business builder can learn several lessons in designing a simple and beautiful UI that rocks. I am curious to see how easily it merges family trees that two related people build out separately.

One funny thing on the My Profile page though - you get to mark a checkbox that says whether you are living or not and then enter many posthumous details about yourself!

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