Mar 31, 2007

"Guru Is A Sh** Film"

'Dhirubhaism' a book on the late Dhirubhai Ambani (founder of the Reliance group) authored by AG Krishnamurthy (founder of Mudra Communications) has been recently released. Mukesh Ambani provides a foreword. The book is a short swift read and is excellent value for money.

Crossword a leading bookstore hosted the author for a talk on the book today evening at Hyderabad's City Centre Mall. The author spoke in glowing terms about Dhirubhai, his vision, audacity to dream big etc. The book may not be voluminous but it has fifteen short and simple chapters each explaining Dhirubhai's remarkable work philosophy in fifteen bullets ('Roll up your sleeves to help', 'Think Big', 'Change your orbit constantly' etc).

To a question on whether the movie Guru really reflected Dhirubhai's life, the simple answer from the author was: "Guru is a sh*t film". RK Narayan the celebrated author also had similar feelings about the film version of his successful book 'The Guide'. Now both Guru and Guide were reasonably big hits at the box office. Wonder what happens when an original work gets crafted into a film version aiming to appeal for the masses.