Sep 25, 2007

Cricket Right-sized

The recently held World Twenty 20 Cricket championship has finally produced a form of cricket that is intense, glamorous and doesn't consume an entire day. India winning this championship is another bonus! One hopes that the newly launched Indian Cricket League will further contribute to this trend by discovering more talent and launching even more spectacular shows. Corruption within the BCCI and all the money makers there will also hopefully reduce with the increased competition.

Cricket is generally considered a non athletic game, with most people on the field stationery at any given time, much unlike soccer. The duration also drags on for an entire day and the drag on productivity of the country is sizeable. With Twenty20 the game can go on and so can one's business for the day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glamorous it is! doesn't consume much time!! India winning the cup justs adds to the already cricket crazy country!! But the question is how long will this form of cricket sustain. This form of cricket does not measure the quality and perserverance of a player. That's my take!

But probably this is the 'in-thing''